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Creator & Director


My career the last few years has been working in animation as a creator and director at Illumination Entertainment. I primarily work in hand-drawn and motion capture 2D animation, but I also create 3D and Generative AI work. 

Momo Wang Reel
Creator, Writer, Director

This reel includes a number of samples from different projects and animation styles.

Start here If you just want to watch one video.

Short Film
Creator, Writer, Director

Penglai is a film that I directed and was produced by Illumination Entertainment.

You can learn more about the film and behind-the-scenes here.

Turn Up The Sunshine
Diana Ross & Tame Impala
Animation Director

For this music video we reinterpreted 1970s op art and Peter Max-inspired visuals through the eyes of Minions.  

This video was created in collaboration with the animation studio Laundry.

Minions x Jackson Wang
Content Collaboration
Animation Director

Jackson Wang is a music superstar, and he performed the hit song Born to Be Alive for Minions The Rise of Gru.

This collaboration imagines Jackson in the Minion's world - infused with his own visual aesthetic.

Minions The Rise of Gru
Theater Animation
Animation Director

This short was created as a teaser for the movie Minions The Rise of Gru. The animation imagines the Minions living in a movie theater concession stand The short ran during preshows at theaters across the U.S.

The Grinch and Sing 2
Character Development
Animation Director

This compilation includes character development animations done for The Grinch and Sing 2 movies.

These animations were cut into dozens of pieces of content for sharing across mobile and the web as avatars and stickers.

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