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Professional & Personal Projects


My art and design work includes a range of personal and professional projects. Each project is always quite unique and allows me to explore different mediums as canvases for expression. 

Cabinet of Curiosities
Fine Art Show

Fine art show in the U.S. at Yiwei Gallery in Venice, CA. My paintings are done freehand using a combination of digital print and hand-painted techniques. 

Most of the paintings and print editions from this collection are sold out. Please inquiry at the Contact Momo link to get information on any remaining paintings and prints for sale.

Minions x Fender Collaboration
Product Design

Illumination partnered with Fender, one of the most iconic music brands, to create a line of Minions-powered instruments to donate to school music programs.

You can watch the whole Fender video by clicking on the video image or jump to my section of the video by clicking here.

Momo Wang x VANS Collaboration
Streetwear Design

My collaboration with VANS was part of the brand's Asian Artist collection. Since it was the Year of the Horse I created a number of horse-inspired designs, as well as a playful DJ Buddha graphic.

Momo Wang x ELLE China
Magazine Design Takeover

My collaboration with Elle China was a design takeover for their 25th anniversary issue.

CryptoKitties NFT
Koshkat & Catterina • Artist Series

I was asked as one of four artists to create two Cryptokitties for an Artist Series' charity NFT drop.

Koshkat is a green, multi-layered NFT. And Catterina is a series (of 100) orange Kitties with a peek into her inner workings. All were auctioned off in minutes and raised money for the Feeding America and Food Banks Canada communities.

Album & Sleeve Designs
Graphic Design

Designing album artwork is unique in that each layer, from the sleeve artwork to the vinyl inserts, is a place to tell a different part of the story.

"Bun" • MT Family
Character Design

I designed the character Bun as part of the mascot series MT Family for the bestselling image editing software Meitu Xiu Xiu.

Bun is a fun mashup between a baby chick and a soup dumping (aka Xiao Long Bao).

2D Art House

The 2D Art House is an art project where I reimagined the design of an unused space in a home. We painted every surface in a 2D style for an immersive flat-world experience.

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